Look Younger Without Surgery

Getting a facelift may seem like an expensive endeavor for people who are in the beginning stages of researching the procedure. There may be alternative, less costly procedures people can undergo in order to have a more youthful appearance. It is important for people interested in changing their appearance to be knowledgeable about the procedures that are routinely performed, their costs, downtime needed, and how long they last. Those who take time to research what’s going on in the beauty industry may decide to take a different approach than what they originally felt would be best for them.

Lifting the face is done to reshape the face and get rid of extra skin in order to make a person look younger. The tissue at the lower part of the face most often start to sag with age. People who have a lot of sagging skin don’t have a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of it. The skin has to be removed. Many surgeons also perform surgery on the eyelids, lift the forehead, and give the neck a lift in order to make their patient’s face look better. Issues that can be successfully improved with a facelift include: droopy eyebrows, a saggy chin, droopy skin under the neck, deep lines in the forehead, and deep lines under the eyes.


Sometimes people who have lines or wrinkles in their faces that they don’t like have to decide if they want to address them with the use of dermal fillers or a facelift. Fillers are injected into specific muscles to get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, and laugh lines. There use of lip fillers cause the lips to appear plumper and fuller. The injection of a filler is a nonsurgical procedure that can result in smoother skin that looks more youthful and robust.

The recovery time for a facelift can very between five days and two weeks while no recovery time is needed after the injection of fillers. Fillers can cost up to one thousand dollars while a facelift can cost fifteen times that amount. Fillers can last up to a year. The results from a facelift can be enjoyed by people more than 12 years after they undergo surgery. People who want to change their appearance should weigh whether they can achieve the results they want through the use of fillers, so they won’t have to undergo surgery.